Monday, January 14, 2013

The Observers

The Observers, Fighter Command Panel, The Battle of Britain Monument by Paul Day, Victoria Embankment, London
“The Observers”, The Battle of Britain Monument, First Panel - Fighter Command
Paul Day sculptor, Donald Insall Associates architects
Victoria Embankment
London, October 2009

See also: Scramble

“Scattered around the coast and inland, the 30,000 strong Observer Corps ceaselessly scoured the air to intercept, visually and orally, enemy raiders. After RDF (Radio Direction Finder), they were the next line of defence and crucial for the relaying of information back to Uxbridge.”


tapirgal said...

I like the way you cropped this. It's good to have sculpture to preserve events as well as people.

cieldequimper said...

That's very striking. At first, I thought this was a WWI trench with strange buildings.

Dina said...

30,000! Imagine today, if we had to rely on human eyes and ears.

Andy said...

You really captured what the artist was expressing in his sculpture.