Thursday, January 24, 2013

Il Gobbo di Rialto

Il Gobbo di Rialto, The Hunchback of the Rialto, Venice
Il Gobbo di Rialto (The Hunchback of Rialto) by Pietro da Salò
Campo San Giacomo, San Polo
Venice, September 2012

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“There is a statue known as the ‘Gobbo di Rialto’ (Hunchback of Rialto) at the edge of Campo San Giacomo, the square with the church. In the 16th Century it was customary for perpetrators of minor crimes to be forced to run between people with sticks from St. Mark's Square to Campo San Giacomo: the view of the Hunchback was a great relief for them, as it marked the end and goal of this perhaps cruel, but certainly effective punishment.”
(Venice ant its Lagoon, World Heritage)


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