Friday, January 11, 2013

Humboldt Box

Humboldt Box, Schloßplatz, Berlin
Humboldt Box, Schloßplatz (Palace Square)
September 2011, Berlin

“If you're visiting Berlin this summer, you'll notice an unusual addition to the city's Mitte district -- the Humboldt Box, a futuristic museum housing exhibits related to art, science and culture. This geometric structure opened last week near Museum Island. The Humboldt Box serves as a interim fill-in for the Humboldt Forum, envisioned as a place for the exchange of cultures from around the world. The temporary structure will be dismantled when the Humboldt Forum is completed, probably in 2019.”


cieldequimper said...

It's a fun structure!

Andy said...

Too bad it has to be dismantled.

tapirgal said...

Another fascinating thing in Berlin.