Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Apple

The Apple by Stephan Weiss, Pier 46 at Charles Street, Hudson River Park, New York
“The Apple” by Stephan Weiss, 2004
Pier 46 at Charles Street
Hudson River Park
New York, September 2008

“Stephen Weiss, the late husband of Donna Karan, created his “Larger than Life” collection shortly before his death from a long battle with lung cancer in 2001. The collection includes for pieces; a high-heeled shoe, a roll of film, a Dressage horse and this big apple, which is a tribute to New York City. The Dressage Horse was the final piece, completed posthumously by Weiss’s son, was presented at Hampton Classic. The Apple, here in Millennium Garden, is a 3 ton and 9 foot bronze that sits on a bench of apple cores. It symbolizes the heart and ‘core’ of the city. Weiss was part of Donna Karan’s company, but still continued to create art, although never sought public recognition for his pieces.”
(The Apple by Stephen Weiss, Art Nerd New York)


Lowell said...

Lovely! And a fine photograph. It's funny, but you know a whole lot more than I do about NYC. I'm sure you've spent much more time there than I have. Maybe that isn't funny - the only reason I had to go there was because Lois ran the 2003 NYC Marathon! :)

Trillian said...

& Lowell: Brava Lois! (Lowell too....)