Thursday, January 29, 2015

Angel's Wings

Angel's Wings by Thomas Heatherwick, Paternoster Square, City of London, London
“Angel's Wings” by Thomas Heatherwick, 2000
Paternoster Square, City of London
London, September 2014

“The artworks, which have been likened to ‘angel's wings’, also act as cooling vents for a London Electricity substation. Heatherwick developed the design through experimenting with the repetition of isosceles triangles to form a complex helical form. The ‘wings’are constructed from stainless steel which has been blasted with tiny glass beads to create a satin finish. Stanhope and Mitsubishi Estates commissioned the sculpture as a new focus for Bishop's Court, at the western end of the square.”
(Designer Thomas Heatherwick, Architects' Journal)


Revrunner said...

I actually like how well the sculpture complements the space.

Changes in the wind said...