Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Temple of Hercules Victor

Temple of Hercules Victor, Piazza Bocca della Verità, Rome

“The design of the round temple is Greek and there were two types. The first was the monopteros which consisted of a circular arrangement of columns which supported a circular system of beams which carried a cupola. Within this arrangement would be placed a representation of the deity the to whom the temple was dedicated. This type of temple did not incorporate a cella and therefore the statue of the god or goddess would be visible to passers-by. The second type of round temple was the peripteros which did incorporate a cella, had a greater number of columns forming a circular colonnade carrying an entablature supporting with a beam system and roof or cupola. (Guhl and Kroner, 1995) The Temple of Hercules we are discussing is of the second or peripteros type.”
(The Temple of Hercules, The Illustrated History of the Roman Empire)


Dina said...

A peripteros, eh? It is very impressive!

Changes in the wind said...

A beautiful structure.