Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Queen Alexandra Memorial

Queen Alexandra Memorial by Alfred Gilbert, Marlborough Road, London
The Queen Alexandra Memorial by Alfred Gilbert, 1932
Marlborough Road, City of Westminster
London, September 2014

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“According to Dorment, the Alexandra Memorial provides a summation of the artist's ideas. It also forced a reluctant King, who heartily disliked the sculptor, both to confer a knighthood upon him and make the Royal Academy readmit him. The memorial, in other words, had enormous significance to Gilbert as a man and an artist. But the apparent sleep of the two crowned virtues renders the meaning — and the achievement — of the memorial far less clear than it might have been.”
(Sir Alfred Gilbert, The Victorian Web)


Andy said...

Yes... not only is it a memorial it definitely is is a beautiful piece of art.

Mel said...

It's beautiful..