Friday, January 2, 2015

La Partigiana

Monumento alla Partigiana, Monument to the Female Resistance Fighter, by Augusto Murer, Venice
“La Partigiana” (The Female Resistance Fighter) by Augusto Murer, 1961
Riva dei Partigiani, Castello
Venice, September 2012

“La Partigiana, by Augusto Murer. The original statue, by Leoncillo Leonardi, (in the Giardini Pubblici) was destroyed by a fascist bomb in 1961, four years after its installation. This was installed in 1964 on a setting designed by Carlo Scarpa. It was supposed to float, but the mechanism failed after a few months. The area had been under restoration for a long time. It was re-opened on 6 June 2009.”
(La Partigiana Veneta, Venice Daily Photo)


Lowell said...

There is a rather tragic aura to this work. Would a more literal translation by The Woman Partisan? Just curious. I know from nothing about Italian. Well, I know "pizza" and "spaghetti"! :)

VP said...

Lowell - A partigiana is a female Resistance fighter. The partigiani fought actively against the Fascists and the Nazis during WW II, often helping the Allies in the liberation of Italy.