Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The She-wolf of Siena

The She-wolf of Siena, Piazza di Postierla, Siena
The She-wolf of Siena
Piazza di Postierla
Siena, April 2017

“The origins of Siena are uncertain, but the city long promoted the belief that it was founded by Senius and Ascius, the sons of Remus (the twin brother of Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome), hence the image of the Lupa Senese (the she-wolf suckling two infants), which one sees throughout the town. ​Following the murder of their father, Senius (who gave his name to the city) and his brother Ascius were forced to flee Rome on horseback, riding respectively on a black horse and a white horse, hence the two colours of the Balzana, the city’s coat of arms.” (The Wolf of Siena, Walking Tours of Florence & Siena )

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