Tuesday, November 7, 2017


“Living-Space” by Fat Heat and Bea Pántya, Arany Janos utca, Budapest
“Living-Space” by Fat Heat and Bea Pántya, 2016
Arany Janos utca
Budapest, September 2017

“While walking around in Budapest’s 5. district you might stumble upon a strange building between the usual gray ones. This 28 meter giant, standing on its wooden legs gives a curious look from it’s windows to the people walking by on the streets. The mural is the creation Fat Heat and Bea Pántya, and it was executed within this years Colourful City Budapest festival. But it’s not just an other mural, it really can come alive. With the help of the recent technology of augmented reality, the artist dwelled into the depth of animation to make it move. So now all you have to do to reanimate it, is to walk there, have your smartphone with you, download and launch the LARA application and turn your phone against the wall.” (Living-Space, Fat Heat)

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