Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times by Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber, Hotel InterContinental Wien, Johannesgasse (facade on Lothringerstrasse), Vienna
“Sign of the Times” by Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber, 2016
Hotel InterContinental Wien
Johannesgasse (facade on Lothringerstrasse)
Vienna, September 2017

“It is one of the iconic images of the silent film era: In the movie SAFETY LAST! (1923), the distinctive, stoic Harold Lloyd is dangling from the hand of a huge clock on the outside of a skyscraper in New York. He is turning to the viewer for help while the clock face is inevitably torn from its anchorage and slowly tilting forward. His double is currently dangling from a building in Vienna – not quite as high above the canyons of Manhattan as Harold Lloyd, but at least between the 7th and 8th floors of the Hotel InterContinental. His exact remake. As big as the movies. This creative and film-related intervention was conceived by the Viennese artist group Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber, who, in the past, have repeatedly attracted a great deal of attention with their actions in public spaces.” (Sign of the Times, Viennale)

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