Sunday, October 22, 2017


K (Franz Kafka's Head) by David Černý, Quadrio Shopping Center, Spálená, Nové Město, Prague
“K” (Franz Kafka's Head) by David Černý, 2014
Quadrio Shopping Center
Spálená, Nové Město
Prague, September 2017

“This eleven-metre-tall statue is a technical marvel of the 21st century in Prague. Forty-two moving panels rotate to create the face of the famous Czech writer Franz Kafka. The statue created by the artist David Černý is installed near the Quadrio Shopping Centre and combines art with modern technology and the traditional ‘golden hands’ of Czech craftsmen. Watch ‘The Metamorphosis’. Wait for all of the panels to align and discover the face of Kafka!” (Franza Kafka Statue, Quadrio Shopping Center)