Friday, October 6, 2017

Man Hanging Out

Zavěšený muž (Man Hanging Out) by David Černý, Husova, Staré Město, Prague
“Zavěšený muž” (Man Hanging Out) by David Černý, 1996
Husova, Staré Město
Prague, September 2017
“Dangling above one of the cobblestone streets in Prague’s Old Town is a statue that has caused more than a few people to be concerned that a man is about to plummet to his death, but fear not, it is simply a fake Sigmund Freud. First created in 1996, the work known as ‘Zavěšený muž’ (Man Hanging Out) is the vision of Czech sculptor David Černý, whose work can actually be found all across Prague. Many of Cerny’s works are seen as somewhat deliberately provocative, and this one is no different. The dangling Freud is surprisingly lifelike at a distance, and a number of people have sincerely taken it for a person in danger. However, it is simply a sculptural statement about intellectualism in the 20th century and Černý’s uncertainty about it.” (Man Hanging Out, Atlas Obscura)

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