Friday, September 13, 2013

Matteiano Obelisk

Matteiano Obelisk, Villa Celimontana, Rome
Matteiano Obelisk, Villa Celimontana (previously known as Villa Mattei)
Rome, May 2012

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“The obelisk is a small example given to the Mattei in 1582. Its lower part is made up of parts of several obelisks and is of unknown origin, but the top part (2.68m high) has hieroglyphics of Rameses II, derives from the Temple of the Sun at Heliopolis, and was (like those now in piazza della Minerva and via delle Terme di Diocleziano) brought to Rome in antiquity to adorn the Temple of Isis (in the area of the present via di Pie' di Marmo). In the 14th century it was placed on the steps of the Campidoglio - legend holds that the globe placed on its tip held the ashes of Augustus and that the obelisk was raised on the Campidoglio by Cola di Rienzo as a symbol of Roman liberty.”
(Obelisk, Villa Celimontana)

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