Thursday, September 5, 2013

Anita Garibaldi

Monument to Anita Garibaldi by Mario Rutelli, piazzale Anita Garibaldi, Janiculum, Rome
Monument to Anita Garibaldi by Mario Rutelli, 1932
Piazzale Anita Garibaldi, Janiculum
Rome, April 2013

“The equestrian statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi's Brazilian wife Anita, who fought alongside her husband in defense of Rome in 1849 while pregnant before succumbing to illness is located just about 200 meters far from a big equestrian monument of her husband, which is located on top of Janiculum Hill in Rome. The statue was created in 1932 by Mario Rutelli. It depicts Anita Garibaldi with a pistol in her right hand holding a baby in her other hand. The monument is also Anita Garibaldi's grave as her ashes rest in the statue's pedestal.”
(Anita Garibaldi, Waymarking)


cieldequimper said...

Oh wow, this really is in the middle of a battle... So did she already have a child? Or is it the artist's interpretation of pregnancy?

Dina said...

Quite amazing, the story and the statue and the ashes.
I never understood how women could ride side saddle, even in normal circumstances.

Changes in the wind said...

Great shot...was there and loved getting to see it.