Sunday, September 22, 2013

Big Ships

MSC Divina cruise ship, IMO 9585285, Saint Mark's Basin, Venice
The 333-meter MSC Divina cruise ship crossing Saint Mark's Basin
Seen from the Giudecca island
Venice, September 2013

“Residents of the beautiful, fragile city of Venice are preparing to stage a canal-bank protest on Saturday over an invasion of up to 13 cruise ships in the space of 24 hours, which they say will turn St Mark's Basin into a motorway. The particularly busy weekend, apparently caused by a quirk in the cruise ship calendar, has reignited growing fears over the impact the vessels are having on the city and the alleged risk they pose to its infrastructure and inhabitants.”


Dina said...

Oi veh, it really sounds like an invasion. Poor Venice.

Birdman said...

Love the big ships! Was on the Allure of Seas this past July.

Haddock said...

I think they have some valid point in what they say. Instead of having a peaceful waterway, it will turn into a commercial hub.