Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Grillrunner

Grillrunner at the entrance of the Alexa Shopping Center, Berlin
Grillrunner at the entrance of the Alexa Shopping Center
(In background a sculpture by Mirko Siakkou-Flodin)
Berlin, September 2011

“So far, I’ve only seen them walking around in Berlin. Someone told me you used to see them selling hot dogs in every German city, but that was until local governments decided to prohibit them from selling hot dogs in this way because of matters of hygiene. Of course Berlin wouldn’t be Berlin if they wouldn’t lack the apparent general consent on abolishing grillrunners, so it’s apparently the only place in Germany where they are still allowed to sell sausages.”
(The Grillrunner, The Inscription of Light)


cieldequimper said...

Oh lol at the description. You have caught a lot of things on this shot, very nice!

mo metallkunst said...

würde gerne das originelle ALEXA Foto hier wiedersehen