Monday, July 22, 2013


Friedrichstadt-Palast, Friedrichstraße, Berlin
Friedrichstadt-Palast, Friedrichstraße
Berlin, September 2011

“Welcome to the East End, the Broadway of Berlin and the city’s hip nightlife mile. Stretching from Unter den Linden and along Friedrichstraße to Hackescher Markt, this is the district with the highest theatre density in all of Germany. And in the midst of it you will find the world’s biggest theatre stage! Reopened in 1984 and located at Friedrichstraße 107, the show palace lies in the district Berlin-Mitte at a 5-minute walking distance from the rail station Friedrichstraße. The massive structure is the last magnificent building of the German Democratic Republic, erected by the regime while it was already caught up in the process of slow disintegration, and this makes it an exceptional monument to Germany’s overcoming of its former division.”
(A modern legend, Friedrichstadt-Palast)

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