Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big Foot

Marble foot belonging to a huge statue of the Iseum, via di Santo Stefano del Cacco, Rome
A marble foot once part of a huge statue of the Iseum Campense
Via di Santo Stefano del Cacco
Rome, April 2013

“Although none of them has survived, many remains have been found, especially in the area of the Iseum (temple of Isis), among which a number of small spires (see Obelisks), and several parts belonging to huge statues. One of the district's streets, via Piè di Marmo (literally ‘Marble Foot Street’) was given its curious name after a large fragment from the aforesaid site, still standing by the crossing with via Santo Stefano del Cacco.”
(Rione IX Pigna, Virtual Roma)

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