Sunday, October 18, 2009


Tugboat, East River, Roosevelt Island, New York
Tugboat, East River, Roosevelt Island
New York, September 2008


Jacob said...

One of the many things you do very well is take super photographs of boats in the water...excellent the sense of motion, the colors, all of it!

In fact, it tugs at my heartstrings!


Nori said...

Yea, I really agree with Jacab!
As we saw lots of his photos, we thought the Italian colors were good... But now we could understand that his sence which could catch only good oblects was excellect!

cieldequimper said...

These tugs are so strange. I don't recall seeing one on my two trips to NYC, cool to see one.
About la faïence de Quimper, I've given some information in a comment on my blog. Thanks for your interest.

tapirgal said...

Nice! Of course I love this tug and the detail you got in the photo. By the way, the house of plaster is actually wood-framed (2 x 4 studs), then covered with lath, then with a stucco finish. We call it "lath and plaster" construction, but after they invented sheetrock (gypsum), they didn't build much with lath and plaster any more. It's a style I grew up with and just like all people who sometimes like styles from "the old days," I like lath and plaster. I don't know if I could always tell the difference, and it's probably not practical. I guess it's like finding an old photo from decades back and thinking it's romantic.

Vogon Poet said...

@ Jacob - You're always too kind. I'm a landlubber with a passion for boats...
@ ciel - I'll spare you dozens of pictures of tugs, usually reddish, mostly on the East River. This was the odd one, a bit older and quite picturesque.
@ tapirgal - Thank you for the answer, I know very little on the way houses are built in the States and find it interesting because it's so different from here.