Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Old fashioned tram, Toruń, Poland
Old fashioned tram, Toruń
Poland, September 1999


Jacob said...

I find this amazing. Are these still in daily use? Reminds me of the electric trains we rode in Los Angeles in the late 40s.

Excellent shot. Great color!

Just out of curiosity, what camera did you use to take this photo?

Vogon Poet said...

@ Jacob - All the photos I post dated before 2000 were took with my old Minolta XG-2 cameras. My favorite lens was an 85mm, I had a 70-210mm and a 35mm.
In the late 90s everything was old and the cameras failed quite often, but didn't want to change anything, waiting to go digital.
Scanned images can be deceiving, but I usually check them against the prints before posting.

Tinsie said...

I wonder if these still run, 10 years later...