Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lotto Kiosk

Lotto kiosk, Ben Yehuda Street, Jerusalem
Playing lotto, Ben Yehuda Street
Jerusalem, May 1990


Jacob said...

The soldier would seem to have the edge with that weapon hanging over his shoulder. ;-)

Is there anyplace where the lotto is not a reality?

Fascinating photo from a few years back...the colors held up well!

JM said...

Pretty cool!

I've added a link to this blog on my travel blog. Hope you don't mind. :-)

Vogon Poet said...

Thank you, this is a honor, I am awed by the places you visited!
It's even a good idea, so I added a list of travel blogs to mine, yours obviously included.

Tinsie said...

This is surreal!

Tinsie said...

Oh this reminds me - I've named your blog on one of my posts, hope that's OK!