Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Elevated Acre

Elevated Acre, 55 Water Street, New York
Elevated Acre at 55 Water Street
New York, September 2008


Jacob said...

I love this photo! The building on the right almost looks like it's falling over...

I'm not very familiar with NYC, but that "acre" appears to be some kind of park. And is that a glass building?

Oh, never mind...I know I bug you too much with questions.

Tinsie said...


Vogon Poet said...

@ Jacob - For what I know, to build a tall building, NYC zoning codes requires that an area would be used as public space.
This one was neglected until a couple of years ago when it was completely refurbished. Now it is a verdant terrace on the East River, just south of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Jacob said...

Thanks, VP. Kudos to the city fathers for that! I'll bet it is a nice place to sit, just for the view!