Friday, March 31, 2017

Santa Maria in Trivio

Santa Maria in Trivio by Giacomo del Duca, Piazza dei Crociferi, Rome
Santa Maria in Trivio by Giacomo del Duca, 1575
Piazza dei Crociferi
Rome, April 2013

“In Mariano Vasi's 19th-century guidebook, the church is referred to as Santa Maria a Trevi. According to tradition, the church was founded by the Byzantine general Belisarius in the 6th century. Allegedly, he found the church to expiate for deposing Pope Saint Silverius in 537. Previously the church had been known as Santa Maria in Fornica. This was recorded in an 11th-century inscription on the wall of the church. In 1571 the church was given to the Order of the Crociferi. Between 1573 and 1575 the architect Giacomo del Duca rebuilt the church, designing e.g. the innovative pediment above the entrance door.” (Santa Maria in Trivio, Wikipedia)

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