Monday, March 20, 2017

King Louis XIV

Equestrian monument in honor of King Louis XIV by François Joseph Bosio, 1828
Place des Victoires
Quartier du Mail, 2nd arrondissement.
Paris, July 2014

“In 1793, the Place was renamed Place des Victoires-Nationaux (National Victories Square), and a wooden pyramid was erected on the site of the destroyed statue. In 1810, under the rule of Napoléon I, a nude statue of the General Louis Desaix replaced the pyramid. However, following the abdication of Napoléon, the statue was taken down and its metal was used to create a new statue of Henry IV on the nearby Pont Neuf. In 1828, the restored Bourbon king, Charles X, commissioned the current equestrian statue, which was sculpted by François Joseph Bosio. Louis XIV, dressed as a Roman emperor, sits on a proud horse rearing on its hind legs. An iron fence encircles the twelve-meter-high statue.” (Place des Victoires, Wikipedia)

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