Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bell Tower

Bell Tower of the Madonna dell'Orto, Campo Madonna dell'Orto, Cannaregio, Venice
Bell Tower of the Madonna dell'Orto
Campo Madonna dell'Orto, Cannaregio
Venice, October 2012

“The bell tower, in brickwork, was finished in 1503. It has a square plan, with pilasters strips on the sides leading to the cell with circular mullioned windows. Four semicircular tympani divided the cell from the upper cylindrical tambour with an onion dome in Eastern style. On the sides are four statues of Evangelists of Pietro Lombardo's school; on the summit is a statue of the Redeemer, in white marble. The old bells, the largest being from 1424, were replaced in 1883.” (Madonna dell'Orto, Wikipedia)