Monday, May 9, 2016

The “Lanterna”

Lanterna, lighthouse, Rampa della Lanterna, port of Genoa
The 117-meter “Lanterna” (Lighthouse of Genoa)
Rampa della Lanterna
Genoa, April 2016

“It is built on the hill of San Benigno at some little distance from the Sampierdarena neighborhood. The cape on which the Lanterna stands was at one time a peninsula before the nearby coastline was filled in and reshaped. To the west, it marked the entrance to the original port of Genoa, today the Porto Antico. Over time, the hill on the cape assumed the name ‘Capo di Faro’, or ‘Lighthouse Cape’; it is also sometimes referred to as the cape of San Benigno, after the convent that once stood there. Today, the hill is gone save for a small rise upon which the lighthouse stands; the rest of it was removed to provide infill for other areas of the city.”
(Lighthouse of Genoa, Wikipedia)

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