Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lacoste Boutique

Crocodile outside the Lacoste Boutique, Duke Street, Marylebone, London
Crocodile outside the Lacoste Boutique
Duke Street, Marylebone
London, September 2014

“Boston, 1923. René Lacoste was strolling through the city's streets with his tennis team's captain, Alan Muhr, before the afternoon's upcoming game. In a store's window display, an elegant crocodile skin suitcase caught his eye. Time for a bet: if René won the match, Alan would buy him the suitcase. As it turned out, René didn't win, but journalist George Carens heard the story and mentioned it in his article in the Boston Evening Transcript: ‘The young Lacoste has not won his crocodile skin suitcase but he fought like a true crocodile.’”

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