Monday, August 10, 2015

Chimera of Arezzo

Bronze copy of the Chimera of Arezzo, Giardino della Gherardesca, Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, Florence
Bronze copy of the “Chimera of Arezzo”, c. 400 BC
Giardino della Gherardesca
Four Seasons Hotel Firenze
Florence, April 2015

See also: Chimère - Chimera

“Over the years, more replicas were cast and hence original size copies of the Chimaera are now commercially available (the one in the picture above is shown here courtesy of Galleria Frilli in Florence). As obvious, an original size bronze cast of the Chimera, ca. 80 cm tall, is not cheap and so the number of such copies made remains limited. To the author's knowledge, besides Italy, original size replicas of the Chimera exist only in Brazil, Mexico and Japan.”

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