Friday, November 15, 2013


Water bus along the side of MSC Divina cruise ship, Giudecca Canal, Venice
A vaporetto (water bus) sailing along the side of the 333-meter cruise ship “MSC Divina
Giudecca Canal
Venice, September 2013

“Large cruise ships will be banned from the canal between the mainland and the Giudecca island in the lagoon while a new access channel is developed with the main shipping terminal. The Venice port, which campaigned successfully to preserve the existing passenger terminal, estimates the project will take two years to complete. Over the past 15 years, Venice has become one of the world's most important cruise destinations, with up to nine cruise turnarounds a day in high season. The new measures would limit to five the number of cruise ships berthed at one time, and restrict passage to sunrise and sunset.”


Dina said...

Oi, poor Venice, being invaded.
The waterbus really does look like a boat towing a bus. :)

cieldequimper said...

Another building! The shot is great though.

Andy said...

Nice photo that is focused on size. Sounds like a big project.