Friday, November 8, 2013

Common Man

Common Man by Clet Abrahams, Ponte alle Grazie, Florence
“Common Man” by Clet Abrahams, Ponte alle Grazie
Florence, October 2013

“On January 20, 2011, residents woke to find Clet's Common Man, a life-size fiberglass statue, installed without permission on Ponte alle Grazie. Much appreciated and much photographed, it was removed seven days later. Clet is now trying to find out how to retrieve his sculpture, which was confiscated by the Soprintendenza. His neighbours in San Niccolò have formed a committee and are currently organizing a petition to help him, echoing fans' cries on Clet's 2,000+ strong Facebook page to ‘give us back the Common Man!’”


cieldequimper said...

So he's back and hasn't drowned.

Dina said...

The authorities are probably starting to collect for a new exhibition.