Monday, November 4, 2013

Great Synagogue of Florence

Tempio Maggiore, Great Synagogue, via Luigi Carlo Farini, Florence
Tempio Maggiore (Great Synagogue)
Via Luigi Carlo Farini
Florence, October 2013

“The Florence synagogue was built after years of discussion about its location. The community wanted to build it as close to the center as possible, in order to signify what it saw as the important role Jews played in the new, unified Italy which had guaranteed them full civil rights. In the event, the temple was built a little off the old city center. A gift of land and money by congregant David Levi was too good to refuse. Still, the large dome of the Tempio israelitico is a prominent feature of the Florence landscape. The vaguely oriental shape of the dome supplanted an original typicaly neo-renaissance design. This and all the other Moorish features of the temple were virtually imposed on the architects by the professors of the Florentine Academy. ”
(Great Synagogue of Florence, Chabad Travel Guide)


cieldequimper said...

It is a quite beautiful architecture. Strange how the features were imposed.

Dina said...

It's so good to have the story along with the picture, especially for this unusual synagogue.

There is a Chabad Travel Guide?!