Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To IKEA by Boat

New York Water Taxi advertising the IKEA Express Shuttle, Hudson River, New York
New York Water Taxi advertising the IKEA Express Shuttle, Hudson River
New York, September 2008

See also: Red Hook

“What’s certain is that Red Hook residents aren’t the only ones intensely watching Ikea’s opening; the Daily News has it that other big box stores have been encouraged by Ikea’s opening victory here. If Wal-Mart and Target follow Ikea's lead, Red Hook’s post-shipping era could skip over the long-anticipated full-gentrification stage to become something else entirely: a sort of big box shopping destination that’s more like a factory outlet mall than a neighborhood. Or is a balance between big business, small business, and residential interests possible? As Ikea's first day draws to an end, it's still an open question.”
(Big Box Begs Big Questions, Gothamist, June 2008)


cieldequimper said...

The centre of the known universe... These are great!

Dina said...

A free water taxi to take you to shopping! Only in America?

VP said...

Dina - Now it costs $5.00, but on a purchase of $10.00 or more at IKEA you will get a $5.00 discount showing the New York Water Taxi ticket.

Dina said...

I doubt if I'll ever be in New York again, but I'll keep this shuttle in mind, just for fun.