Friday, November 23, 2012

Exterior Cross

Exterior Cross by Arnaldo Pomodoro, St. Peter Lutheran Church, Lexington Avenue, New York
Exterior Cross by Arnaldo Pomodoro, St. Peter Lutheran Church
Lexington Avenue / 54th Street
New York, September 2008

“The Exterior Cross was designed by internationally renowned sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro of Milan, Italy. Mr. Pomodoro's striking design links old with new through a skillful blend of traditional and modern forms and materials. The ancient cross form is finished in a rich, rust-colored bronze. Its piercing central wedge shape, or ‘nail,’ contrasts with the simple strong cross form. The nail is contemporary in its highly polished finish, with an abstraction of Christ's body and the crucifixion instruments of torture on its front surface.”
(St. Peter’s Church, New York Architecture)


cieldequimper said...

Very abstract but still getting the point across.

Dina said...

This is a crucifix that really grabs your attention.