Friday, December 22, 2017

The Horse

The horse by David Černý, Pasáž Lucerna, Palác Lucerna, Štěpánská, Nové Město, Prague
The horse by David Černý, 2000
Pasáž Lucerna (Passage Lucerna), Palác Lucerna (Lucerna Palace)
Štěpánská / Vodičkova, Nové Město
Prague, September 2017

“A perfect starting point is the middle of Wenceslas Square, inside Lucerna Pasaz on Vodickova. Here, you will find 'Horse' – a dark, bastardised version of the imposing kingly statue situated in the square behind you. Hanging, Damocles-like, from a lime-tiled dome ceiling sits Wenceslas, astride his now dead, upside-down steed. Though Cerny never comments publicly on his work, the piece is seen to be a damning attack on current Czech President, Václav Klaus – a frequent subject for Cerny derision.” (A David Cerny sculpture walk in Prague, The Guardian)

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