Monday, July 31, 2017

Ancient Baths

Bagni nelle antiche terme by Antonio Peppini, Borgo Santissimi Apostoli / Piazza del Limbo, Florence
“Bagni nelle antiche terme” by Antonio Peppini, 1826
Borgo Santissimi Apostoli / Piazza del Limbo
Florence, April 2017

“I am now standing opposite the famous Piazza del Limbo, that precious, sunken-in piazza that boasts the Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli. But before I descend, I take in the nineteenth-century building on my side of the street, the Bagni nelle Antiche Terme, which stands on the site of the original Roman baths. Antonio Peppini funded the construction of this building in 1826 (his name adorns the building) to be used once again for the city's public baths. It is now a high-end tailor shop, Bottega delle Antiche Terme di Simone Abbarchi (no. 16).” (Borgo Santissimi Apostoli, The Florentine)

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