Thursday, June 29, 2017


Equità, Equity, by Vincenzo Danti, Piazzale degli Uffizi, Florence
“Equità” (Equity) by Vincenzo Danti, 1566
Piazzale degli Uffizi
Florence, April 2017

“Vincenzo Danti was born in Perugia in 1530. At the beginning of his career, he followed his father's footsteps and studied as a goldsmith. In 1555, at just 25 years old, he creates the large bronze statue of Pope Julius III which is placed just outside the Cathedral in Perugia. Danti lives for a while in Rome where he further deepens his knowledge of the art of goldsmith and studies carefully the works of the great master, Michelangelo. The figure of Buonarroti is extremely important for Danti, so much important that he is later nicknamed as Michelangelo's apprentice, even though it is likely they never even met. Thanks to his fame of an ‘infant prodigy’, he is invited to work for the Medici family in Florence. It is Cosimo I de' Medici himself that invites him upon advice by Sforza Almeni, who is Medici's great counselor and from Perugia himself. Danti works in Florence from 1557 to 1573. During these years he becomes a famous and well-appreciated Renaissance artist by creating some masterpieces such as Honour Triumphs over Falsehood (today in the Bargello museum), Virgin with Child in Santa Croce and the two statues of Equity and Rigor at the Uffizi Gallery. Despite his success, he leaves Florence in 1573 and goes back to Perugia where he dies three years later in 1576.” (Vincenzo Danti, Michelangelo's greatest apprentice, Visit Florence)

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Changes in the wind said...

Very interesting. Can't tell if the sheer fabric is the veil or something else and it is interesting how there is raw rock around her leg.