Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Collegienhaus, now part of the Jewish Museum, Lindenstraße, Kreuzberg, Berlin,
Collegienhaus, now part of the Jewish Museum
Lindenstraße, Kreuzberg
Berlin, September 2011

“A Kammergericht was first mentioned in 1468 as the ducal court of the Margraviate of Brandenburg, when it adjudicated in the chambers (German: Kammern) of the prince-electors. As the supreme court of Prussia it was since 1735 based at the Baroque Collegienhaus in the present-day Kreuzberg district. The Kammergericht housed the supreme courts and judges of the different territories ruled in personal union by the royal House of Hohenzollern, without formally merging the different juridical systems. By this concentration in one locality the later unification of the juridical systems was prepared. The Collegienhaus is today part of the Jewish Museum Berlin.”
(Kammergericht, Wikipedia)

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