Friday, February 6, 2015

Royal London Fusiliers

Royal London Fusiliers Monument by Albert Toft, High Holborn, City of London, London
Royal London Fusiliers Monument by Albert Toft, 1922
High Holborn, City of London
London, September 2014

“Having received the consent of the City Fathers, Holborn Bars, one of the old gateways to the city was chosen. The main feature of the memorial, a bronze statue, was modelled on Sgt. Cox, a former Royal Fusilier who had served throughout the Great War, depicted in fighting order, grasping in his right hand a rifle and bayonet, in an attitude of Victory, thus guarding the entrance to the City of London. The bronze figure is 8½ feet high standing on a Portland stone pedestal of 16½ feet, a total height of 25 feet. On the East face is a large bronze plate listing all battalions, Regular, Service and Territorial that served in the Great War.”
(The War Memorial at Holborn, The Fusilier Museum London)

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