Monday, February 16, 2015

Le Triomphe de la République

Le Triomphe de la République, The Triumph of the Republic by Jules Dalou, place de la Nation, Paris
“Le Triomphe de la République” (The Triumph of the Republic) by Jules Dalou, 1899
Place de la Nation, 11/12e arrondissements
Paris, July 2014

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“The monument was inaugurated on 21 September 1899, the anniversary of the founding of the Republic in 1792. The Republic is balancing on a celestial globe above the chariot of Nation, with the figures of Work and Justice at its sides, Freedom showing the way and Peace closing the procession. Work is thus one of the main ideals of the fraternal, law-dispensing and protective Revolution. It is remarkable that Dalou chose to depict work as a half-naked forger, with strong, heroic muscles, symbolic of a positivist civilization which believes in progress through machines.”

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