Friday, October 24, 2014

San Giorgio in Velabro

Church of San Giorgio in Velabro, via del Velabro, Rome
Church of San Giorgio in Velabro
Via del Velabro, Ripa
Rome, May 2012

“After the killing in May 1992 of Italy's top Mafia prosecutor, the Government began its biggest crackdown against the mob in years, arresting the reputed boss of all bosses, Salvatore Riina. In response, the Mafia launched five car bomb attacks in Rome, Florence and Milan in 1993, that left 10 people dead and dozens wounded. The targets included the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and two of Rome's most venerable churches, San Giovanni in Laterano and San Giorgio.”

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Lowell said...

It's a very interesting structure. I wonder if those steel fences have anything to do with the Mafia attacks. I'd also love to see the interior.