Monday, October 13, 2014

L'homme pressé

L'homme pressé, Man in a Hurry by Thomas Houseago, outside Palazzo Grassi, Canal Grande, Grand Canal, Venice
“L'homme pressé” (Man in a Hurry) by Thomas Houseago, 2011
Outside Palazzo Grassi, Canal Grande (Grand Canal)
Venice, September 2012

“Schimmel sees echoes of Michelangelo — ‘the bulk and awkwardness’ of David — in the monumental sculpture that Houseago is currently making for French collector Francois Pinault's Palazzo Grassi on the Grand Canal in Venice. It's a standing bronze figure, more than 30 feet tall, to be installed before the Venice Biennale next summer. The MOCA curator anticipates that this sculpture, like his others, will have a dynamic, ‘almost performative quality.’ ‘When I saw the Palazzo Grassi, I had a vision of a large striding figure walking out into the sky,’ says the artist, a burly figure who looks like he could work construction, and once did. ‘It will stand on a platform, on a plinth that's in the water, so it will rise out of the water like Poseidon.’”

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