Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Colgate Clock

Colgate Clock, Jersey City, New Jersey
Seen from Battery Park City
New York, September 2007

“The current clock was built in 1924. It is considered the world's largest clock with a 50' diameter face, and a minute hand that is 25' long. The design was based on Colgate's Octagon Soap. The current Colgate Clock replaced an earlier clock designed by Colgate engineer Warren Day, which was constructed by the Seth Thomas Clock Company for the centennial of the Colgate Company in 1906. That clock had a face measuring 37 1/2 feet in diameter and covering an area of 1,104 square feet. It was installed on the roof of one of the Colgate factory buildings along with its sign that was about 20 feet high.”
(The big clock by the river, Hudson Reporter)


Revrunner said...

If this was on my bedroom wall, I think I might actually be able to read it with or without glasses.

cieldequimper said...

Time to brush your teeth...

Changes in the wind said...

Thanks for sharing...didn't know about this and it is pretty cool.