Friday, April 11, 2014

Athena Protects the Young Hero

Der junge Held wird von Athena beschützt, Athena protects the young hero, by Gustav Blaeser, Schloßbrücke, Berlin
“Der junge Held wird von Athena beschützt”
(Athena protects the young hero)
By Gustav Blaeser, 1854
Schloßbrücke (Palace Bridge)
Berlin, September 2011

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“Stone bridge built 1821-24 after a design of the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The main elements of the bridge's decorations are the eight more-than-life-size sculpture groups on high marble pedestals over the stone bridge piers. The groups show scens from Greek mythology related to warfare. These Carrara marble statues were sculpted between 1847 and 1857 by various students of Christian Daniel Rauch. The red granite pedestals rest on pedestals, they are provided with circular medallions, work of the sculptor Friedrich Wilhelm Wolff, each motif is the image of an eagle with symbolic additions. The original medallions are lost and reconstructed in 1989.”
(Statues on the Palace Bridge, Statues - Hither & Thither)


cieldequimper said...

I was wondering if you were finished with the series :-) I love them...

Lowell said...

Love this. The statue has great clarity with nice clean lines! Beautiful!