Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cortile Piccolo

Cortile Piccolo (Small Courtyard), Ca' Foscari University
Venice, October 2013

“The two internal courtyards in the Foscari-Giustinian complex are interconnected by a ‘sotoportego’ (portico). The surface area of the Cortile Grande is 900 m• and it is the largest private courtyard in Venice, after that of the Palazzo Ducale. The recently restored, magnificent portal, bearing the Foscari family coat-of-arms, unfolds to reveal the grand court. The charming Cortile Piccolo, brick-paved in fish bone style, contains one of the best-preserved well curbs in Venice. It is embellished with sculpture elements such as acanthus and flowers. The chromatic contrast between brickwork and stone is repeated in the elegant stairway with steps in stone that lead up to the ‘piano nobile’ second floor of Ca' Giustinian, now the President’s offices. In the summer season, Ca’ Foscari courtyards are used for a variety of cultural and musical events, initiatives related to research and innovation, social events, exhibitions and meetings of an international level. Given the context of the two buildings, it is a natural place to hold receptions, cultural events, shows and other kinds of initiatives.”
(Cortile Grande e Cortile Piccolo Ca' Foscari, Ca'Foscari)


cieldequimper said...

Oh to sit there and listen to some music...

Changes in the wind said...

Love all those earth tones...very pretty.