Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ponte dei Tre Archi

Ponte dei Tre Archi, Bridge of the Three Arches, Canale di Cannaregio, Venice
Ponte dei Tre Archi (Bridge of the Three Arches)
Canale di Cannaregio, Cannaregio
Venice, October 2011

See also: Ponte delle Guglie

“Rio di Cannaregio, the canal connecting Canal Grande and the lagoon, is crossed by only two bridges: the Ponte delle Guglie (‘Bridge of Spires’, so named on account of the four spires at the four corners) and the superb Ponte dei Tre Archi (‘Bridge of the Three Arches’), originally called the Ponte di San Giobbe (‘St. Job’s Bridge’), which is the only three-arched bridge in Venice today. The bridge was built in 1688 by Andrea Tirali. Its unusual design, with three arches of varying sizes, was inspired by an old drawing from the 1500s. Restored in 1794, this is now the favourite bridge for artists.”
(Venice ant its Lagoon, World Heritage)


Dina said...

It's so graceful and so old.

cieldequimper said...

Aptly named. I wonder if there used to be statues...