Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hook & Cleaver

The Butchers Hook & Cleaver pub, West Smithfield, London
The Butchers Hook & Cleaver pub, West Smithfield
City of London, London, October 2009


Jacob said...

It looks like I imagine a London pub should look, but the name - well, "Butchers Hook & Cleaver" leaves a funny taste in the mouth...can you see bleeding animals dripping from meat hooks?

Sorry, but that's how the name hit me. I'm sure there's a story here and probably a good reason for the name.

joo said...

Very inviting place:)

cieldequimper said...

Are you sure you come out of there alive?

Changes in the wind said...

How interesting that the pub is in wood and warm colors while surrounging it is all pink and white and whimsical.....odd contrast.