Saturday, September 2, 2017

Big 4

Big 4 by Freestate & Atelier One, Channel Four Television Corporation, Horseferry Road, London
Big 4” by Freestate & Atelier One, 2007
Channel Four Television Corporation
Horseferry Road
London, September 2016

“The design and construction of the Big 4 was a collaboration between Mike Smith Studio, Freestate and Atelier One, and was designed to show Channel 4's logo when the statue is correctly aligned. The statue itself is made out of steel bars, and the structure was Fabricated by Mike Smith Studio. The intention was to allow other artists to use the framework of the statue for art installations. The statue is located outside the headquarters of Channel Four Television Corporation on Horseferry Road, London. It was unveiled on 16 October 2007 by Culture Minister Margaret Hodge, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Channel 4 and to coincide with the television series The Big Art Project.” (Big 4, Wikipedia)

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