Monday, May 29, 2017

Cat on a Barge

Cat on a barge, Little Venice Lagoon, Regent's Canal, London
Cat on a barge, Little Venice Lagoon
Regent's Canal
London, September 2016

“Little Venice is a scenic and affluent part of London, known for its canals and moored boats. Much of the property in the area consists of Regency-style white painted stucco terraced town houses and mansions. Little Venice surrounds the convergence of three waterways: the Grand Union Canal and the Regent's Canal, and Paddington Basin which meet in a large, picturesque pool, Browning's Pool (usually called by residents ‘Little Venice Lagoon’ or ‘the Lagoon’), which forms the focus of the area. Little Venice is also a ward of the City of Westminster. The population at the 2011 Census was 10,633.” (Little Venice, London, Wikipedia)