Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sackler Octagon

Dancers at the Sackler Octagon, Duveen galleries, Tate Britain, Millbank, London
Dancers at the Sackler Octagon, Duveen galleries
Tate Britain, Millbank
London, September 2016

“The dancers make studied movements within areas marked off by white tape on the floor that recall the forms of baroque gardens. Their stylised hand movements and dignified steps are inspired by ‘sprezzatura’, a concept derived from 16th century Italy where courtiers were expected always to act with an air of understated grace and elegance. They wear the leggings and dance shoes of classical ballet, but their red sweatshirts and bespoke oversized jewellery recall the fashions of the 1980s, encouraging the viewer to think about the strange, anachronistic mixes present in the exhibition. Similarly, the choreography bears a resemblance not only to baroque courtly dances but also to experimental performance pieces by artists such as Bruce Nauman. ”

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